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Miranda Xiong Makeup: FWMN Minnstafashion Kickoff Event

Miranda Xiong Makeup: FWMN Minnstafashion Kickoff Event

If you are an active participant of MN Fashion Week, then you know that the Minnstafashion Kickoff event is one of the most highly attended nights of the season. I always strive to look my best that night, but this time I went next level and had makeup artist Miranda Xiong do my makeup. Because I know I have some beauty lovers on this blog, I wanted to include you in the process. So if you want to recreate this look, follow her easy step by step instructions below.

miranda !.jpg

Step 1 - Clean your Skin

Prepare a clean base for your look.

miranda 2.jpg

Step 2 - Skincare

We started with lotion, using the Clinique Drastically Moisturizing Lotion.

Next, we primed with the Embyolisse Lait Creme Concentre

Final step for skincare are the lips. We used the Bioderma Lip Balm.  

Step 3 - Fill in Brows

Miranda began the brows by filling them in to my exact shade (in some areas a shade lighter) than my brow hair. She said that you shouldn’t be worried if they look messy, we will clean them up in the next step.

For brows, she used the Brow Gal Palette with an angled brush and spoolie.

Step 4 - Clean up Brows and do Concealer

For this, Miranda used a small flat detail brush and the It Cosmetics concealer linked below (you can use whatever concealer you wish, as long as it is the same one you use under your eyes). Sculpt the brows to your liking and clean up any mistakes you made in the previous step.

For this step, the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Concealer with MAC 228 Brush were used. 

Step 5 - Prime and Contour the Crease of you Eye 

Instead of an eye shadow, Miranda used a bronzer for contouring my eyelids. She said that contouring your eye lids is great trick, especially for asian eyes, as it creates an illusion of a bigger eyelid space and helps map out the rest of the eye for the other colors you will use.

On the eyelids, she used the Benefit Hoola Bronzer with MAC 286 Brush.

Step 6- Starting to Create the Smokiness 

Using a chocolate brown shade, she created a V shape on the outer corner to deepen the shade on the outer edge. The color that you put in the crease earlier will help you know how high or low your should go with this darker color (stay below the crease).

The outer V was created using the Pat McGrath V Palette and MAC 217 Brush.

Step 7- Add more Depth

This step is optional. If you felt that the brown shade we just used was dark enough, then stop, but Miranda went for more depth because we are doing a dramatic eye. She used a black/brown shade from the Pat McGrath Palette linked above to give it more drama.

Step 8 - Add Liner and Highlight your Eyebrow Arch and Inner Corners

You can chose whether or not you want a winged eyeliner, we wanted to keep with the dramatic look, so we decided to do a wing. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to add more deep shadows, put on your liner and highlights and see how your eyes would look without the addition, if you feel the look is lacking, go ahead and add more!

She lined my eyes with Mac Black Track using the MAC 266 Angle Brush.

Step 9- Add Lashes 

If you are still unsure if you should keep adding more dark colors and the liner isn’t helping you, add lashes. Lashes usually bring the eye makeup look to another level of intensity. :) 

Lashes were done with Eylure #126 Lashes and House of Lashes Adhesive

miranda 11.jpg

Step 10 + 11- Apply Concealer and Foundation

For this look, Miranda used airbrush foundation, so she did concealer in the T Zone to even everything out first. If you use a flat brush in this step, you will have thick coverage, but if you use a buffing brush, it will provide light to medium coverage. If you are not doing an airbrush, use your foundation first, then conceal.

She brought back the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Concealer and the MAC 286 Brush for an airy concealer.

Step 12- Apply Lip Color 

While she waited for the airbrush foundation to dry, she took her time mixing and applying the lip color.

On my lips: A mix of MAC Diva and MAC Viva Glam 1 which you could apply with a lip brush or small, round, flat brush.

Step 13- Finish the Look 

Bronzer: Marc Jacob Omega Bronzer

Blush: Tarte Mod Blush

Glow: Dior Nude Luminizer

To finish the look, Miranda cleaned up my eye shadow and liner and added a layer of mascara to my false lashes and sprayed setting spray for longevity (she used Skindivinia Setting spray).

If you have been following along step by step, then congrats! You’ve finished this look! Thank you SO much to Miranda Xiong for doing my makeup for FWMN Minnstafashion Kickoff night! to see more of Miranda’s looks, click here. To see her website, click here.

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