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Beauty of Hope - Holiday

Beauty of Hope - Holiday

December is my favorite month of year for visiting other people’s homes. They have all of their lights and decorations up, there’s always so much yummy food and everyone (even people who don’t usually like candles) have candles lit throughout their house. You walk in to each one and are immediately hit with delicious scents that remind you of Christmas’ past and quality time spent with those you love.

I want people to remember my house like that. I want them to feel comfortable, peaceful and happy. I want them to sit back and relax and enjoy the company they’re with. A place where people feel safe. Every house that has made me feel this way has a scent associated with it.


Scents are a big part of our memories and who we are. That is why, this season, I wanted to team up with Beauty of Hope Candles to tell you about their new Holiday Collection, which will hopefully become staple scents in your home!

Let’s begin by introducing you to their 3 new fragrances:

  1. Holly: We’re starting out with the sweetest scent of the bunch. Holly is made up of scents of cranberry, holly and patchouli, so it has mostly a berry scent with undertones of mint and evergreen. I have a feeling that my younger female readers will really love this scent.

  2. Rue: I would term Rue as the most neutral scent. If you have a family member who wants a little pick me up, without overwhelming their home, this scent featuring plum, orange and spice is the one for them.

  3. Bell: You know that smell when you’re standing outside after a fresh snowfall? There’s the crisp, cool air that hits your face and revives you, mixed with the aroma of trees and plants, that is the smell of Bell. With hints of cedar, pine and mistletoe, Bell is the perfect gift for your nature-loving friend!


Although the scents are new, their purpose and quality are still the same. With soy wax and a cotton candle wick, Beauty of Hope has created a clean burning candle that will last you up to 60 hours and is eco-friendly! On top of that, a percentage of every purchase made at Beauty of Hope goes to ending human trafficking!

Even though I am a partner with them on this post, I really do love their candles. They’ve created some of my favorite fragrances, they’re supporting a great cause and they’re an easy choice for a gift this holiday season. Click here to visit the Beauty of Hope website, here to shop their Holiday Collection and here to learn more about them/their mission!

Thank you, Beauty of Hope, for collaborating with me on this post :)

Woodchuck USA

Woodchuck USA

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