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Lessons I Learned in 2017

Lessons I Learned in 2017

Happy New Year, my dear readers.


It's crazy to think that Christmas and new years eve have come and gone.


As is tradition for many bloggers, I do have a few resolutions to pursue in 2018, but first I want to write about lessons I've learned this last year. I think it's important to remember where you've come from in order to get to where you want to go, so here are the lessons I learned in 2017:


1. Set realistic goals.

It's tempting to create outlandish ideas for how you want your life to change in the next year, and although those are good, it's also beneficial to make goals you can actually succeed in accomplishing. For example, one goal I have this year is to be healthier and have more self-control. Notice I didn't say "go on a crazy diet" or "loose this amount of weight". I just genuinely want to feel more energized day to day and learn how to have self-control (especially when it comes to sweet snacks!!!)

2. Do something you love at least once per week. 

This is an extremely fresh lesson that I have recently learned after graduating college two weeks ago. For years I read books and watched documentaries because I had to for a class, but now I've read two books just because I was intrigued by them. I also recently watched the OJ Simpson vs The People series on Netflix, which satisfied my love for historical events and crime shows :)

3. Learn the true meaning of self care. 

I used to think that self care was putting on a face mask and taking a bath, but after having "me time" doing those things, I never felt any calmer. I'm starting to realize that self care is not just clearing up your skin or taking time for yourself to accomplish all of the "to-dos" on your list. Self care is putting your phone down (or better yet, turning it off) and being present during time with your family. Self care is creating boundaries for when you will be available to post on social media, answer work emails or hang out with others. As a believer, quiet times with the Lord are not only necessary to know God better, it has also become one of my favorite times during the day where I have no distractions and I'm able to take a few deep breaths.

4. Do something that excites or scares you. 

Now when I say scares you, I don't mean go and terrify yourself, I mean like getting your adrenaline pumping or doing something that you wouldn't normally do. In 2017, I went to India for two weeks on a trip with 20 other college-aged girls, I rode on a helicopter and walked on a glacier with my siblings in Alaska and I took my first plane ride alone out to California to visit my friend Linnea. Keep yourself on your toes and do a few special things this year.


I hope that as you close out 2017, you take no regrets with you and that you've made a few discoveries of your own and I hope that your 2018 is filled with excitement and new, amazing memories!


Thank you Kelly Kwong for these gorgeous photos! Kelly was very easy to work with and came prepared with cool ideas for our shoot. I would recommend her for your wedding, graduation or family photos!

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