My name is Kaylie! I started blogging over four years ago with the intention to show women that style comes in all shapes and sizes! After taking a trip to India last year, I re-branded The Sweltering Sweater into an ethical fashion blog. I want my readers to feel good about the clothes they're wearing, as well as where they came from! 

Why You Will Love Resort Wear This Spring

Why You Will Love Resort Wear This Spring


I would like to start this blog post with "SPRING IS IN THE AIR!" but unfortunately in Minnesota, we're just having a lot of back and forth between snowstorms and 40 degree days (I should clarify that 40 degrees is a warm winter day, for those outside of Minnesota). 

But that doesn't mean that I can't be excited about spring and all of the wonderful trends that are coming with it. There's ruffles and fanny packs, fringe and slip dresses, but my all-time favorite this season has to be resort wear. 


I love the hues of pinks and oranges that are popping up all over the place as well as the maxi dress styles that are great conversion pieces between winter and spring (plus you can spend less time shaving your legs and more time conquering the world like the #girlboss you are). It adds an element of playful and girly style to an otherwise predominately neutral, minimalist upper Midwest palette. 


I like the feel of this dress as well as its practicality. It flows along to my movement and is a great piece in action. I usually see mock neck necklines on fall pieces, so I'm happy to see them transitioning into spring looks as well and although horizontal stripes can be off-putting to a curvy girl like me, these flatter my body and draw the eye up toward an empire waist. 


Because the dress is so bold, I felt it would be inappropriate to style it with simple, small accessories, it needed "sidekicks" who could keep up with it (like a batman/robin situation). The bracelet (although not colorful), is chunky and takes up all the space it needs to without overwhelming the look, while the bag compliments the stripes of the dress without clashing. While holding the bag, I also realized that it is pretty big, it would be perfect for a beach day or a day trip running around the city. 


You can get every piece from this blog post at Karma Boutique in St. Paul. If you mention that you saw this blog post, you can get 20% off of your next Karma purchase!

All photo credit goes to Angi Klepnev.

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