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A Night at the W Minneapolis-Foshay Hotel

A Night at the W Minneapolis-Foshay Hotel

One aspect I've always loved about the Twin Cities is that there is so much rich history in this area. We have places like Fort Snelling, Union Depot and the Landmark Center, to name a few. We also have the Foshay Tower. Built in 1929 by Wilbur Foshay (an art student turned business man), it made history as the tallest skyscraper in Minneapolis for almost 50 years as well as one of the Twin Cities main examples of art-deco architecture. The tower was converted to a hotel in 2008, but still remains intact in its original place. 

I was offered the chance to stay there on Saturday night and thought I'd give you the scoop on what I loved about my stay. 


The room itself was perfect because it could accommodate the small group I had invited, but it never felt like our space was overcrowded. It was easily accessible and it allowed for a great middle ground so I could change quickly while Madi and I were shooting outfit photos.  

All of the staff were very friendly during our stay and had a great knowledge of the surrounding area and what places were fun to explore.


Now onto the amenities! As a style blogger, having a space that is unique, while also having great lighting, is a basic need. The W is constantly hosting events, so it really is "social media friendly" in that it has different architectural aspects that make it easy to switch up the feel of your photos without ever having to leave the hotel. 


The W has two main bar areas. The Prohibition bar (located on the 27th floor) is a more intimate setting, while the main level bar is more appropriate for events or parties (see photos below). 


Next, the Foshay Observation Deck. Still intact after almost 100 years, it is one of the best views of the city of Minneapolis. I have been there during a snowstorm in 2014 and this past weekend when it was beautiful outside and both times I loved the experience. Inside of the top floor there are informational videos that give more detail into the history of the building and the changes it has gone through. 


Finally, the W Minneapolis is in a prime retail space as it is surrounded by great restaurants, shopping options and event spaces, so there is always something fun to do nearby. 

Thank you to the W-Minneapolis Hotel for collaborating with me on this post. I had such a wonderful time and I will definitely be staying here again!

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