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Volk Fall Magazine Launch

Volk Fall Magazine Launch

After months of hard work, the new Volk Magazine Fall Issue gets released tonight! In honor of its release, I thought I would share a bit about what my experience with the magazine has been alongside advice that I think has been beneficial to me throughout the process. 

1. Be open to all responsibilities/opportunities.
My original title during the creation of the fall magazine was Fashion Editorial/Marketing and Communications Intern, but now I am the Associate Editor for the core team. Being on a small team means that you are often doing more than your job description and overall, your job requirements are pretty fluid. I have done everything from holding a piece of cardboard and creating a wind affect for an entire shoot, to networking and creating collaboration opportunities, to working on social media marketing, to being a model for The Volk blog, to writing articles for the magazine, to directing a shoot earlier this week. Be willing to dip your hands in every area you can and gain experience!


2. Gain trust and be a team player.
Of course jobs will change and grow based on trust being built between you and the business owner (I'm pretty lucky that Meghanlee is so open to ideas and suggestions - I hear that's pretty rare), but also you will learn how to narrow in on what your skills are. As much as we'd all like to think that we can do everything perfectly, we truthfully need a team of hardworking individuals who compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses to really have a successful business. 

3. Ask for feedback/advice.
No matter your title or status, never be afraid to ask for help or get feedback on your work. You won't grow if you are your only critic or influence. Our current interns know about so many apps, ideas or trends that I have never even come across, which means that we have more opportunities for trial and error, which, inevitably, will result in growth!

4. It's okay to not always be a "yes (wo)man".
I have a very hard time saying no to things. I want to please everyone all the time and constantly give 100%. The issue is that I am only one person and, inevitably, I will burn out or let multiple people down at once. It's okay to not be available sometimes, or to let others take the lead on certain projects, don't overwork yourself in the name of pride. 

5. Learn how to plan.
My final bit of advice is learn how to prioritize plans and be able to multi-task. I am really bad about being 5-10 minutes late for everything, so I know that I have to tell myself to leave earlier for shoots otherwise I will show up late. Also, if you're a busy person like me (balancing a full time job, volk responsibilities, running a blog and leading a bible study), then you have to learn how to commit to plans and stick to them. No one likes when someone says they'll be at a place at a time and doesn't show up. It doesn't look good for you or the team you represent. 

Working on #TeamVolk has been an absolute blast! I've met many talented people in this industry. They push me to be better and learn more. They allow me the creative freedom I need. I am so grateful for this group.

I wanted to finish this blog by congratulating Meghanlee Volkman Phillips, our editor-in-chief. She has truly created a work of art that I have the privilege of experiencing weekly. This is her 10th edition of the magazine, which is unheard of for many small companies, and is a testament to her drive and work ethic. 

We at #TeamVolk would love for you to snag a copy of our latest magazine, as well as attend our launch event Charmed by Charity tonight at Alex and Ani Mall of America. For more information on tickets/orders, click this link. For more information on tonight's event, click this link.

Thank you to KC Filzen for the beautiful photos! To see more content like this, order The Volk Magazine PDF version here.

Outfit Details:
Poncho: Foat Designs for The Fitting Room
Skirt: Way The Label
Jewelry: Gina Mount Jewelry for The Fitting Room

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