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A Marilyn Moment - True Confidence

A Marilyn Moment - True Confidence


Let's talk confidence!

You all know this pose. Crafted by Marilyn Monroe, this was the epitome of confidence in the mid 20th century. A bombshell who looked like she effortlessly had it all together. 

I often wonder about Ms. Monroe and her confidence. We've seen plenty of women appear to exude confidence while really having none at all, I even do it sometimes. Confidence is a word that's liberally thrown around, but I don't think many people actually grasp it or the effect it can have on someone. 

We look at confidence through a funny lens today. We post swimsuit pictures and claim "body confidence," we show our homes when they're messy and "don't apologize" for it and we give insight into the "less glamorous" side of our lives. Yet, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, we still apologize for how unkempt our homes are when friends visit and we're still filling our feeds with our highlight reel. 

So what gives? How can we make such big claims, but then have such contrasting outcomes?

I think the answer is in the root of our confidence.

Is confidence just a word to you? A term you use or is it something you actually strive for and believe in?

I believe confidence comes in many forms. Confidence that requires little risk (meeting someone new) and confidence that requires big risk (singing a solo in front of many people). There's short term confidence to fix a situation (some might call this quick thinking) and long term confidence to outlast a storm (some might call this trust).

Whatever kind of confidence is currently necessary, be sure to know where yours is rooted in. 

For me, my confidence used to be rooted in fake self assurance of my intelligence, my beauty or my status. Now I have found that it has to be rooted in something greater than myself or my accomplishments. 

I pray that you find the root of true confidence this week and that it changes your whole outlook on yourself, your purpose and how you treat others. And when you do find it, I hope you wear it like a Marilyn Moment. 

Thank you to Way The Label for the beautiful dress and to Ivy Christina Photography for collaborating with me and taking these gorgeous photos are The Guthrie. 

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