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Spray Tan Advice for Fair Skin Tones - The Glow Lounge

Spray Tan Advice for Fair Skin Tones - The Glow Lounge

Thank you to The Glow Lounge for collaborating with me on this post!

As summer approaches, my calendar continues to fill up. From baby and bridal showers, to weddings, to graduation parties, to vacations, the list of social events is never ending, just like the photos which will inevitably be captured during them.

As I thought ahead to everything I had coming up this spring/summer, I decided I wanted to switch up my look. As much as I love my fair Irish/Norwegian skin, I wanted to have a bronze tint in photos and add some color and life to my face.

I have heard many of my blogger buddies talk about The Glow Lounge, a local spray tan service, and the pleasant experiences they’d had with them. I reached out to them with a few questions about a month ago, hoping to document my experience as a first time spray tanee (is that even a term?) and be able to give an account of what I liked or did not like about it.

Before being sprayed, I wanted to document what my arms and face looked like without the tan (see below for before and after - all pictures are unedited) and created a list of concerns/questions I wanted to answer through the process:

  • Will I be orange?

  • Will I have streaks or patches?

  • How long will the tan last?

  • Will I smell like fake tanner? How long will I smell like fake tanner?

  • Will it dye my clothing/bed sheets/furniture, etc?

Before the Tan
Before I went in for my tan, I was given a list of “to'-do’s” in order to prepare. These are things that will be helpful to keep your tan even and longer lasting, as well as protect any clothing/items you don’t want stained. I shaved the entirety of my body (think Rufus from Kim Possible), showered and then moisturized my entire existence (I used Seed Phytonutrients because they are all natural and wouldn’t create a barrier between the tan and my skin - see the shower cleanser here and the moisturizer here), put my hair up in a bun to keep it out of my face and wore all black from neck to ankle so that I would not get any bronzer anywhere.

In the Tanning Room
I didn’t honestly know what to expect for the actual tan. I didn’t know if it was a machine spraying me or a live person. Upon arrival, I realized it would be a human spraying me by hand. Her name is Delta and she is extremely sweet and informative. You go into one of their spray rooms which has the spray tank and about 20 fans and you strip down, moisturize the driest parts of your body and stick foot pads to the bottom of your feet to prevent fall out from the tan.
If you are like me and not in practice of stripping down in front of a stranger, have no fear! Delta assured me that she had seen so many people in that state that it did not even phase her, and she was right. Throughout the spray, she shared insight on how to prolong the tan and keep it even and overall gave me a sense of comfort and knowledge for next steps.

After the Tan
Once you are finished with the tan, there is a 12 hour time frame where you cannot bathe. As time goes on, the bronzer on the surface of your skin darkens. I would recommend doing a spray in the afternoon (and not on a fully planned out evening) and just heading home after, then you can rinse in the morning before work. This guarantees that you don’t have to change clothes and smear anything and, as the night goes on, you will continue to look crazier. The tan gets really dark and by the 12th hour you look a little smudgy. At this point, you can rinse off in the shower - but don’t scrub or wash your hair like you normally would - just rinse the bronzer off. The official shower time is recommended at 24 hours post tan. Once the bronzer was off of me, there was still a slight scent from the tanner. When I took my first official shower post-tan, the remaining residue disappeared, as did the slight fake tanner scent. So within 24 hours, you are back to looking and smelling like a normal person.

Final Verdict
The tan itself had no patches or streaks and I was not orange but more copper colored , it was completely even! I looked like a bronzed goddess! The scent was very light and was gone within 24 hours, as was the surface bronzer. None of my clothing or bed sheets or car seats were dyed (I cannot speak for people who wear tank tops and shorts to these appointments, but I would always recommend wearing a black sweatshirts and black sweatpants for the best coverage and protection!).
Overall, I can only speak for those of us who are extremely pale and have no base color to build off of, but I really loved my tan and it lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. I glowed in pictures at a recent wedding I was in! It was mostly even right up to the last three days when it finally faded off and was slightly patchy. I would highly recommend a spray tan/ The Glow Lounge for special events! You will look amazing the day of and have a few weeks of color left over afterwards!

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