My name is Kaylie! I started blogging over four years ago with the intention to show women that style comes in all shapes and sizes! After taking a trip to India last year, I re-branded The Sweltering Sweater into an ethical fashion blog. I want my readers to feel good about the clothes they're wearing, as well as where they came from! 

Anywhere Apparel

Anywhere Apparel


In 2014, Kelly and Nick were in the backseat of a cab preparing to travel the world in a 17 day time frame. They had only packed a carry-on sized bag, wanting to avoid the “baggage” of a suitcase (see what I did there?) and not have to lug pounds of clothing and toiletries through the streets. In that moment, the idea of Anywhere Apparel started to develop.

They started wondering if clothing could be made that could withstand weeks of travel and transit, be stuffed in a backpack but not wrinkle or smell and look good on a hike or out to a nice dinner. They also wanted the items to be transitional through seasons, weather and years to come.

I sat down with Kelly a little over a month ago to interview her about the brand and I could tell she loved what she was creating and loved that she and Nick get to have their own family run business. With no corporate level business boards or share holders, they have the freedom to make the tough decisions (i.e. paying workers a livable wage and using eco-friendly materials) without pushback. She also loves that it is more than just a brand, it is a reflection of their lifestyle.

For this shoot, I wanted to show a more street style edge to their clothing. We chose the Tencel Travel Pant in Charcoal and the Two-Pocket Boyfriend Travel Tee in Charcoal. Tencel is a plant based fabric that is durable, anti-static, sweat and water wicking and odorless. The pants can be converted into many styles or fits with the hem being wide legged or snapped to become tapered, the waist having adjustable snaps and the pockets having a secret zipper compartment for passports and other important items.


I wore these pieces around Ireland, including Trinity College where these photos were taken. I loved the comfort of this set as well as the resilience.

If you’re interested in learning about more about Anywhere Apparel, you can find their website here. If you want to see what exciting things they’re currently up to - including creating a custom jacket for John Mayer (WUT 😱😍) - follow them on Instagram here.

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